feeding bottom feeders

  1. N

    Pleco feeder?

    We bought the large from the pleco feeder site for the 35g but it doesn’t work on our 120g so I need ideas http://www.theplecofeeder.com/buy.html The top of our tank has a cutout (pic) which would require this to bend-which we can do but it’s still much too short and doesn’t really get into the...
  2. Zak03

    Feeding my Sun Cat problems

    So I have a sun cat with 2 oscars. All three fish are about the same size 3-4" ( sun cat is slightly smaller). But im having trouble feeding my sun cat. I researched that you should feed the catfish so that it should always have slight bump in the belly. i havent able to acheive that. i feed my...
  3. Rob909

    What do you feed your plecos??

    I’m looking to mix up the diet of my plecos and see what they like more than other types of veggies. I’ve had tons of success with broccoli with stubborn plecos, had some success with pumpkin, and with my curent batch, cucumber isn’t too big of a hit. What are some of the things you feed your...
  4. R

    Feeding Frozen Brine Shrimp & freeze dried blood worms to my rosy red minnows

    Hi all, I've come back again w/ more questions!! If this is in the wrong spot pls feel free to move (and accept my apologies!!) :) I do not know the age of my rosy reds...I bought them from Petsmart a lil over a month ago and 2 were typical pet store size and the 3rd was about twice the...