filament barb

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    Fish attacking bichir b- hole

    Ok laugh, but seriously. My barbs have been relentlessly biting my bichirs on the cloaca. Even after being fed to satiation, they keep doing it! Im worried this is going to lead to injury and infection. I noticed it for the first time last night. Has anyone ever dealt with this? Do I need to get...
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    For Sale  Baby filament barbs

    Hi! Looking to add to your school? Stocking a new tank and want a beautiful, active midsized fish? Check out filament barbs! Babies and their parents pictured below Group of 9 1-inch $70 Group of 8 1/2-inch $60 All 17 $80 These dudes would do great in a 20g for now, but I recommend at least...
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    Filament Barb - Growth on Tail

    Hello everyone, I havened posted in a while but I needed your help. Could you please help with diagnosing this spot on my fishes tail. I just appeared yesterday and she is the only one with it.