flowerhorn cichlids

  1. A

    For Sale  Flowerhorn for sale!

    I am selling this flowerhorn. It is about 6-7in. Healthy and active I feed him/her pellets, bloodworms and shrimp. Not sure if male or female. I am in Elizabeth NJ. For more information feel free to message me. We can meet half way.
  2. O

    Flowerhorn update

    Here is an update of my flowerhorn. I've had him two weeks today. He is an insane fish. Eats everything right out of my hand and occasionally lets me pet him. Im so happy with him. Did some different aquascape now. Let me know what you think of my fish and scape? Darker substrate is from day...
  3. R

    Decisions? flowerhorn decisions??

    Opinions would be nice..FYI I am new to FH community (bout a month already)..so as I see FH being sold in all diff platforms ..I see these really nice ones of course(nice pearls kok structure)..now I wonder ..if those came from a batch -how many of that batch came out good like nice FH I see in...
  4. A

    Flowerhorn Feedback

    Can u give a feedback on my flowerhorn? What grade is it and what type? How I could maintain it better and how much I should feed him. I would really appreciate if you would answer these questions because I'm a new fish hobbyist. Thanks.
  5. T

    Flowerhorn Update

    Just wanted to do an update on my flowerhorn! Let me know what you think.
  6. Magic Water

    New Flowerhorn

    Hi guys, posting here after a long long time. I kinda took a break after I lost last FH. Finally bit the bullet and got this little guy . Got him a week back, this was taken on DAY 1 Taken today, exactly a week later, he got some dress marks when I took my phone out Looking forward to your...
  7. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    What would you grade my flowerhorn

    My 3 inch red dragon flowerhorn I've had 3 days what would you grade him
  8. D

    Help identifying FH

    Hi all, Just a few questions about my first flowerhorn fish.Bought it about a month ago. Not sure of the age but the FS said it was a purpleflame flowerhorn. I think it's a female but not too sure now as the markings are not really clear. Would you say that its a female? What breed is it...
  9. Aquatank

    Is my flowerhorn normal !

    Hey guys recently I noticed that my flowerhorn is having a red tube down the vents and I am worried what it is so can any body explain me guys Is it good or bad for the fish health.