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  1. Ombon_flowerhorn

    My SRD Flowerhorn

    Hello guys, this is my flowerhorn, Ombon that I bought on 9 June 2020 at Sipitang, Sabah, Malaysia. Actually he is a display fish but I asked the pet shop owner to sell it for me & I did it. The first picture was him at pet shop. Still small, around 3+ inches but already got red color at his...
  2. E

    Wounds/ sores on flowerhorn

    Hi, I have my flowerhorn Paul for about 2 months ago, occasionally I do 48-72 hours at work in one go so have to leave him. I installed an automatic feeder for this time. I have noticed recently that when I come back he looks like he is covered in grazes. First time was his side and this time...
  3. A

    Flowerhorn Feedback

    Can u give a feedback on my flowerhorn? What grade is it and what type? How I could maintain it better and how much I should feed him. I would really appreciate if you would answer these questions because I'm a new fish hobbyist. Thanks.
  4. Aquatank

    Flowerhorn growth thread

    Hey guys this is Alpha Dan he is a SRD with a leanage of KAMFA and Thai silk strains, here is a grow out video of him and I hope you guys like it .