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    New here some questions?

    Hey I just signed up today :) and have a few questions about this forum 1. Where do I find the rules? 2. Why am I a feeder fish and how do I not be a feeder fish? 3. Is there a unanswered threads section?
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    What are the best plants for guppy fry to hide in and where can I buy it

    It's hard to find good suppliers. Where is the best place to buy plants, or fish, or supplies? Is there any forum for fancy guppies that is still running?
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    Discus lists

    Do you guys know of any lists specifically on discus care? Either viber or Facebook list. Please post or message me. I myself don't have discus since I find that I have no equipment for diy feeds. But my brother bought 7 discus. Now 3 remain. Any help welcome.