freshwater plants

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    Want to Buy  Wtb freshwater plants

    I'm looking for moss to make a carpet for my tank. Also looking for a few midground plants as well. I was hoping for larger pads at good price most online places that I've found are 3x3 pads for $20. If you can offer a better deal or know a place please let me know.
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    What plant is this?

    I ordered some more plants online the other day. One of the plants that were sent was not the right plant at all considering it was supposed to have a rhizome but was stems instead. I really like the plant and decided to keep it but the people couldn't tell me what it was. Can anyone identify...
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    Switching from API Co2 to flourish excel

    I have an aquarium that consists of anubias of different varieties, lace java fern, moss balls, and java & Christmas moss. I have using API CO2 daily however am switching to flourish excel. I have read from some people that you should start with low doses to allow the plants a chance to adjust...