ghost knife

  1. J

    Ghost knife growth rate

    Hi all! I have a young ghost knife I'd like to put in my big tank but he's small enough to be eaten by my ornate bichir. I'm trying to let him grow a bit in a smaller tank before housing him with the rest of my fish. I also ordered a breeder net so that I can segregate him in the big tank which...
  2. T

    Hide ideas for my new 400g

    Hey guys! So I just recently moved and set up my 400gallon tank in my new home. It’s 8 foot wide 2 foot 3 deep and 2 foot tall.. and succefully moved all my fish from the 120gal... I dropped a bichir but he’s fine :o . I transferred the canister with them and slowly acclimated them so the tank...
  3. spidrman68

    Senegal Bichir and Ghost Knife

    I have a two year old Ghost Knife and have the opportunity to get a 2 year old Senegal Bichir. Would they be compatible tank mates in a 55gallon? any help would be great, i really like both but don't want either harmed. Thanks in advance.