help please

  1. RocketGarStar

    Payara ID Help?

    I recently picked up this bold little guy from my LFS, and he's doing very well with my other fish - there's only one problem: I don't know if he'll grow out of my tank or not. I'm hoping he isn't an Armatus, and I'm hoping for the Scomb... Any help with the IDing of my new carnivorous friend...
  2. RocketGarStar

    Michigan WolfFish Sellers

    Is there anywhere in MI where I can get a nice, baby WolfFish? Preferably the red kind, those look very pretty and cute. I'm planning to plop one (or 2) in my 75. Where can I get one, and do they get along with others of the same species? Thanks!
  3. J

    Please help ID gar

    Thinking of purchasing a gar, seller said that they are Australian spotted gar, but to me they look like alligator gar ? Please help. Attached are the sellers photos