1. AquaScape

    Black Devil Wyckii Catfish!!

    We got in this beast of a catfish the other day! Currently going for $200 and is about 12"-14"
  2. Iamfish

    My catfish

    Everyone seems to posting there catfish collections so here is mine :) No monsters but I think I have a few interesting species Hopefully more to come in the future :) Synodontis Granulosus Hemibagrus Olyroides Mystus Mysticetus Ossancora Punctata Platysilurus Mucosus Megalchis Thoracata
  3. Iamfish

    2 new cats

    Got 2 new catfish today. Platysilurus Mucosus and Hemibagrus Olyroides. The hemibagrus was a bit beat up when it arrived but so far he is behaving fine. Will update with better pics as they settle in and I can have the lights on.
  4. GiantFishKeeper101

    Mystus spp?

    Last night catch, caught a few but most of them are the same fish. Mystus Singaringan or Mystus Nigriceps? Couldn't find any vids about these guys. Hemibagrus Nemurus?
  5. moe214

    Need to be told no

    So as I've stated in some threads here, hemibagrus wyckii is my favorite catfish, Aquascape has one, and I have the ability to order it, it's been sitting there and every time I go on their website I see it and it makes me look into them again and I get the urge to get it again. Now I feel like...