1. neko1

    polypeterus orni. hiding.

    I have kept a few polypterus species over the year. Right now I got 1 orni. left. I wane get some more but first I have to rehouse my bullheads. The orni. is hiding the whole time behind my background. Is this weird? And what can I do so that he comes more into vision?
  2. RubyRuby234

    Dainty little thing

    INTRODUCING “Starlight”!!! She’s my jack Dempsey and the funniest little thing. Every time I try to clean the tank she swims inside a rock and literally stays in there forever. She has claimed this rock as her little cave and protects it from everyone else. It’s so bad that to get her out of the...
  3. AG458

    Ok then...

    Just another normal day in my tank. What are some odd places you've found your polys in?
  4. Addi_13

    9" RTG arowana keeps hiding below Heater.

    Hello Guys, I bought a 9" RTG last month on 24th December, it was in a 340 gallon community tank but his tail and fins got nipped pretty bad so I separated him in a Quarantine tank. Its been around 20 days and he have already healed 80%. Last week I replaced new lights in...
  5. PGJE

    How long until my cichlid is excited to see me???

    I have a 5 inch texas cichlid that is in a 30 gallon tank and he always hide when people are around. I bought him 3 giant danios for dither fish, and they seem to be working. the cichlid is slowly getting better and inches out of hiding while i'm around. I am wondering how long it takes from...
  6. S

    What are the best plants for guppy fry to hide in and where can I buy it

    It's hard to find good suppliers. Where is the best place to buy plants, or fish, or supplies? Is there any forum for fancy guppies that is still running?
  7. Angelphish

    Angelfish Breeding

    I caught one of my Angelfish laying eggs today. This wasn't her first time, but it was her first time not eating them. About a minute later I see my Leopard Angel come to fertilize them (I'm going out on a limb and guessing this one is a male), and surprisingly, he didn't eat the eggs either. If...