1. mattybecks

    Mantis Shrimp ID

    So yesterday I saw a Mantis Shrimp (I am assuming it was a mantis shrimp) pop out of the rocks. He must have been there for quite sometime as I haven't added in anything new for a while now. This would explain the mystery of my missing invertebrates (a few months ago my cleaner shrimp both...
  2. mattybecks

    Another hitchhiker

    This is something no one has been able to ID yet. It is not a montipora coral. It seems to be doing well, its almost been 3 weeks now and it seems to be spreading to the other side (darker side) of the rock. My lighting is 2 x 12 watt LED bulbs. Mostly white light, with some blue LEDs spaced...
  3. mattybecks

    ID on something new growing

    Hello guys. I haven't collected anything for about two weeks now, but I suspect this has been growing for about a month now. I only noticed it yesterday though. Its hard. So I'm guessing whatever it is involves calcium.
  4. mattybecks

    Colourful carb ID.

    Hello chaps. Hoping someone could help me ID this hitchhiker who has been in my tank for a few weeks now. He is quite small, so the video and pics wont be all that clear, my apologies for that. Legs are yellow, which turn into a light red pinky/orange colour. The body of the crab is purple...
  5. mattybecks

    ID Thin yellow tenacle like arms coming from shell.

    Discovered this a couple weeks ago and been monitoring it. It was initially in the crevice of another rock for a few days, but moved to this area a few weeks ago and has been here ever since. Seems to be active during the day, and hides at night. The "arms" move away when touched by another tank...
  6. mattybecks

    Crab ID

    Is this a young gorilla crab? I caught him in my anthelia this morning.