id cichlid

  1. M

    Help ID Cichlid (SA or CA)

    I’m coming up on a year of owning this fish and the only information I had getting it is that it’s a cichlid and most likely from SA. It is a rehome that I acquired through my work. I enjoy keeping this fish but not knowing what my biggest fish is is keeping me from providing the best care...
  2. Ankit Naidu

    Livingstonii or polystigma!?

    I'm confused can you guys please help me!
  3. Ankit Naidu

    Which mbuna is this?

    i got this from my lfs. He said it's a butterfly mbuna but I didn't find anything about them online! Can u guys please help me ID this!
  4. jonah h2o

    cichlid id please

    is this rare? thinking about getting but not if its super common. the seller says its aggresive