identify fish

  1. Goldenburd

    Just rescued this cichlid and i was wondering what type it was

    Hi so my local physical therapy office had a cichlid in a 15 or 20g and they where waiting for it to die to get new fish and im lije you want me to take it off your hands and they said that they would be gappy to get rid of him or her. So i git him and i don't know what type or sex ir anything...
  2. Jacob._.merc

    Cichlid identification

    Can anyone identify this cichlid? I know it's an African cichlid, at the store it was labeled under it's scientific name but I of course forgot it. Any ideas? Never seen one like it before.
  3. LimaShovelnoseSaltwater92

    Identify a catfish at my LFS

    This is a new catfish that my LFS just got in for sale. There is no name on the aquarium except “Catfish-NFS (ask employee for details)” Can anyone identify it? PS: If you don’t notice it, there is a very pronounced circular black dot right before the start of the tail.