1. I

    Arowanas illegal in Massachusetts?

    Hello I would like to know if arowanas are legal in Massachusetts please?
  2. Pedram

    Sign a petition to legalize Asian Arowana in the US!

    I have already created a petition asking the US government revoke the stupid law that makes ownership of captive-bred arowanas illegal in the US. It's only Australia and the US that have this illogical law. Let's repeal it once and for all! Here is the link to the petition page, Please spread...
  3. itrebebag99

    Explaination for Piranha Laws.

    I was just wondering why piranhas are illegal is states like Texas and California. In a warmer and more hospitable environment like south Florida, there are no breeding populations of piranhas. The closest thing they have in south Florida to piranhas is pacus, and even those aren't very...