1. Pedram

    FS clean 3-bar Datnoid, 3", $199, SoCal

    I bought a big arowana and I'm afraid my 3" dat would be eaten soon! Pick up in 90024. I don't ship. firm price.
  2. FunWow!

    FS- Datnoid, PU/Meet in RI

    Thinning some fish out.... 7.5inch dirty 3bar indo $150 9-9.5inch 4bar indo $225 Both eat massivore or carnivore. Sizes are eyeballed so they my be bigger. Will meet within reasonable distance.
  3. AG458

    Something you guys will probably appreciate

    So I went to a fish store earlier to browse their current stock. I came across this monster for sale; around $400 to be exact. The owner had it for two years before returning it to the store he bought it from. I figured, since I've been off of MFK for a while, this would kick off my return!:)
  4. fish nerd 84

    Gets better every day

    Hello all just thought I would post an update of the little dat I got a few weeks ago. He is always stable. He was about 2mins after being in the tank the first time. The little guy only gets unsable when i do a water change or stick my hand in the tank to much.After 3 days of watching my congo...
  5. JESTERX626

    Couple indo dat's for sale - 626 Rosemead area - p/u only

    All my fish eat massivore, tilapia, halibut, and raw shrimp with shell on. First one for sale is a 5" indo for $60 obo ___________________________________________________ Second one is a 10-11" indo with one eye that looks blind for $180 obo. Of all my dats he is stable 365 days a year, pitch...

    FS - 4x iNDONESiAN TiGERs - LosAngeles - P/Up Only

    Four(4 Pieces) Indonesian Datnoids Ranging From Sizes 2.5" - 4" Everyone seems to be critical on bar formations .. . They're Indonesian Datnoids & all of you have seen some before. Mines are mostly 4 bar, not sure if symmetrical or not, So Please Do Not Ask Me if They Are~~ :) . .. Sorry...
  7. FunWow!

    My first baby Indo grow out

    Don't think I ever made this guys own thread. Some pics from when he was a small fry to now.