indonesian datnoid

  1. S

    For Sale  SF Bay Area: 9” 3-bar DATNOID

    8-9” Indo 3-bar Tiger Datnoid : $800 - Eating shrimp, tilapia, and silverslides *Possible trades + cash: golden mahseers, julien carp, large clown loaches, or large male blue Zaire frontosa *NO SHIPPING* DM for more information.
  2. N

    Help: My datnoid won't eat!

    Hello. I would like to ask for help again. Recently, my indonesian tigerfish doesn't eat as often and ferocious as it usually is. It already won't eat for six days and the last time it ate something, it only took five 6-7 cm/3 inch-so frozen shrimp. It usually able to eat 6-8 shrimp of that size...
  3. Jush

    Sumatra vs Borneo

    Hello, I've read all the threads on Sumatra vs Borneo in the past & really come away with nothing other than wild adult Datnoid photo comparisons which aren't really beneficial when trying to determine if what I am trying to purchase within the UK Fish Shops at 3-5" is actually Sumatra or...
  4. spencer0t

    Looking for a datnoid

    Anyone have a Indonesian or Siamese medium size datnoid for sale preferably 4 inches or bigger
  5. FunWow!

    My first baby Indo grow out

    Don't think I ever made this guys own thread. Some pics from when he was a small fry to now.
  6. Empyreal

    Indo Dats - new pick up

    About 6in each and 3 bars on one side for both. Not bad pick up 70 for both :)