1. Cichlids keeper

    Just reposting this thread for more info

    I just wanted to repost this thread for more info so here's some information on God of wealth/Rajah Cichlasoma Mania/ I can't speak Chinese and I don't trust Google translate. This hybrid is 20 inches long and was produced by Happy Breeding Farms in Taiwan, I haven't heard anything about it...
  2. Cichlids keeper

    What is a Rainbow King?

    I heard people mention "Rainbow Kings" before I understand that they are a hybrid and I think they have a lot of vieja in them but I don't know anything else. Does anyone know anything about them?
  3. Cichlids keeper

    Rajah Cichlasoma Mania by Happy breed farms - any information?

    On their website happy breed farms, (The farm that makes high quality Red Mammons), also mentions a cichlid called Rajah Cichlasoma Mania that they bred. Does anyone have any information on it?
  4. GiantFishKeeper101

    Juruense Question

    Is there a difference between gold zebra cat and flash zebra cat? As I search for information, there're a lot of debate on this topic. From the info, it looks like gold zebra cat has stripes whilst flash zebra cat has weird markings with gold body. Is it from the same subspecies? How to tell...
  5. AG458

    Golden Datnoid info?

    When I last visited my LFS, they had a small golden dat in stock. I hadn't heard of a datnoid before joining MFK, so I wouldn't have given it a second look; but, because I'm on MFK, I did. He was a cute little fish, hiding among the black background. One of the workers at my LFS told me that...