1. vinnie coyle

    Introducing Flowerhorn to new Aquarium

    Hi All, Need a quick bit of advice. Do any one recommend adding salt to an aquarium while introducing a flowerhorn to his/her new home. I currently have around 600 ppt of Salt in my 68 Gallon tank, which was previously a African Cichlid Tank. I had an issue with an overly aggressive Kenyi...
  2. slyme

    Hello...Newbie here

    Hello my name is Denny Puk, im from Indonesia. I just joined today, but thought that I'd finally make an official appearance Luv keeping animals such as fish, dog, turtle, and bird since i was young boy. In 2010 i have Reef Tank (150x80x80cm + sump 80x40x40) and those filtration are DIY, I LOVE...
  3. M

    Introducing new bichir to established bichir

    Hello, I've had a Senegal bichir for about 2 years in an aquarium with about 80 gallons of water. It's about 8 inches now. It has shown no aggression/predation of a variety of community fish, including small Corydoras. I have been growing up an albino sen for a couple months now, and today put...