1. P

    FREE  REHOMING two jack dempseys and marbled bichir

    Hey everyone I’m looking to rehome my two jack dempseys (male 5”, female 4”) and my marbled bichir (5-6”) I’ve had them for a while so they are sentimental for me and they need to go all together or not at all, I need to rehome them due to a change in space and needing to switch stocking. I’m...
  2. A

    My 2 albino oscars are floating at the top together...

    Hi, I'm in a bit of a situation and really need some advice on how to help my 2 albino oscars. They are currently in a 55 gallon tank as they are still small (we are getting a 100+ tank soon). I also have 1 tiger oscar and 2 jack dempsey in the tank. There is 1 jack dempsey that is aggressive...
  3. Nilsafeller

    Is this normal egg laying?

    Is it normal for Jack's to lay eggs on side glass? I have tons of flat surfaces in the tank... but she chose the glass instead lol