1. J

    Possible conflicts among fishes

    Hello, I would like to know if there would be conflicts among fishes and which ones might not be compatible. The water parameters can be maintained to suit all listed fishes. Upper part: Pantodon buchholzi - african butterfly fish Middle part: Apteronotus Albifrons - black knife fish Channa...
  2. The Dave

    Incredible surgery on a fish egg using 2 sewing needles !!!

    SURGERY ON A FISH EGG ! ( a tale of aquatic morality ) Hello, everyone I recently had a Golden Wonder Killifish that hatched from its egg, but failed to completely break free of the egg membrane. Its head was still stuck inside the egg, while only the tail was free! I found the fry about 24...
  3. The Dave

    The Golden Wonder Killifish. How to breed, how to feed, and everything you need.

    Hello everyone, if you have never seen one of my videos before, then you are in for a real treat! In this particular high definition video, you will see incredible close-up footage of the beautiful Golden Wonder Killifish mating and laying their eggs. Then, the video takes you through the...
  4. The Dave

    Golden Wonder Killifish Leaping Out Of The Water To Catch Live Crickets !

    A Fish With Three Eyes ! Killifish are some of the most colorful and interesting freshwater fish that we have in the hobby. In fact, some species could very well be the most colorful freshwater fish on the planet ! However, they are rarely seen in stores, so very few of us are familiar with...
  5. vitaly

    My Florida Killiefish collecting trip

    Got a few native florida killifish. if anyone knows exact species name, let me know. they are in my tank now along with some florida gobies.