large aquarium

  1. A

    Planning for a new tank

    My wife and I will be retiring next year and I want to set up a tank in out new place. I have a 300 gallon custom that was previously a salt water system. I am cleaning it out and prepping for the switch to fresh. My plan is to have a planted system with primarily rasboras (yeah I know... I’ll...
  2. J

    For Sale  300 Gallon Glass Aquarium

    I had to shut down the tank due to moving, and it not fitting in the new basement. Comes with stand, lights, and lids(some have chips on corners). The tank was shut down at the end of April. It holds water and has no chips or cracks. Comes with industrial suction cups to move it. The tank will...
  3. J

    For Sale  300 Gallon Glass Aquarium(96"x24"x30")

    I'm moving, and having to sell the tank. The tank will be available for pick up in early April. The tank is has no cracks, chips or leaks. It is also currently running. Comes with stand, lights, and lids(some have chips on corners). Could include fx6 and/or fx4 if interested. If you have any...
  4. J

    Floor recommendations for room

    Hello everyone. I plan on getting a 75-125 gallon aquarium later this year for my personal room, but plan on changing my floors from carpet to something else first. I was wondering what others recommend. I am looking for something that is okay with water and a large dog. Thanks
  5. F

    Large non nipping fish for goldfish?

    I just upgraded my sun room pond to a 300 gallon and leave it at 75 degrees (I live in Florida and my goldfish can handle the heat waves) I have 5 fancy goldfish and 2 comet, I was trying to find a large interesting tank mate that could coexist with them and not bother the fancies. Or perhaps...
  6. L

    Keeping Sturgeon in Aquarium

    Hi there, I would like to become a monster fish keeper in the near future. It is my dream to have sturgeon, however, is it even possible to keep them in an aquarium their whole life? I have done some research, and noticed that shovel nose sturgeon stay relatively small (three feet or less). Is...
  7. jonah h2o

    wouldn't this make a sweet planted tank!

    found this HUGE tank on craigslist, I can just imagine how cool it would look planted it could take up a whole wall or you could build it in. someday ill have a tank like this