1. The-Almighty-Zugs

    96 x 30 x 24 Tank and Arowana Species

    I was just wondering what species of Arowana can fit in a 96 x 30 x 24 tank for life without needing a bigger tank. I'm thinking for sure the Jardini would be fine but are there others? African? Leichardti? Would Asians have the potential to get too big? I know Arowana's in general have a better...
  2. AquaScape

    Leichardti "Red Spot" Arowana!!

    Got in some AMAZING Red Spot Arowana (Scleropages leichardti) Limited quantity available These guys are currently at 2.5"-3" in length and are on sale for $125.oo
  3. krull

    Leichardti Arowana Update Thread (Saratoga)

    Hey guys, Just thought i'd do an update thread of my Leichardti Arowana. First picture is when got her on the 23, December 2017. and Here are the current photos which were taken 29, August 2018.
  4. Oz fish guy

    You beauty! Another ozy monster.

    So excited about these once i discovered i had to settle with these arowanas instead of asain reds. (Illegally illegal) here in Victotia. surprisingly its only my secound purchase of an Australian monster after purchasing a murry cod for my pond.. gotta say this fish is a stunner and im very...
  5. Oz fish guy

    Knowledge required.. aquired 3hrs ago Leichardti saratoga. (arowana)

    So ive just aquired a saratoga Leichardti Australian arowana. $160 cash. He is in my small dog tank at the moment. I need every bit of information ever known guys. If you feel like you have input please go right ahead.. aquired 3 hours ago ph is 7.3 - 7.4 dont know GH. Temperature is 25deg...
  6. Oz fish guy

    Need to know about saratoga.

    Picking up a saratoga tomorrow. What do i need to know? Are there any specific saratoga keepers on here i can interrogate? i dont know if its jardini or Leichardti
  7. kody929

    FS | Leichardti Arowana | $250 | Las Vegas, NV | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Leichardti Arowana What are your prices?: 250 Where are you located?: Las Vegas, NV Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: It's with deep regret I must sell my prized Leichartd's Arowana. I am moving to an apartment...
  8. Aquanero

    My Scleropages leichardti

    A couple of weeks ago I was able to get myself a Scleropages leichardti. So here it is with it's own thread. Critiques are welcome. He is about 7" TL right now, feeding market shrimp and gut loaded mealworms.