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    For Sale  MA: Bulk aquarium supplies and set up aquariums CHEAP!!

    Located in northeast Massachusetts, must pick up. I am getting out of the hobby(simply don’t have the time for it anymore) and am looking to get rid of all of my accumulated supplies. There is well over $1500 worth of equipment here that has been used for a year or less. Take all or nothing $700...
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    FREE  REHOMING two jack dempseys and marbled bichir

    Hey everyone I’m looking to rehome my two jack dempseys (male 5”, female 4”) and my marbled bichir (5-6”) I’ve had them for a while so they are sentimental for me and they need to go all together or not at all, I need to rehome them due to a change in space and needing to switch stocking. I’m...
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    Arowanas illegal in Massachusetts?

    Hello I would like to know if arowanas are legal in Massachusetts please?
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    Gars illegal in Massachusetts?

    Hello I’m new to this site and have plans of having a gar in the future I want to know if they are illegal in Massachusetts or not
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    Butti for sale!

    Located in Mass. No sure on the sex. Probably about 8 inches. Hes not as aggressive as I thought he'd be. Hes only with a feather fin cat and a pleco and he doesnt even notice they are there. Not sure how he'd be with another aggressive type fish though. Make an offer and im always open to trades!
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    Trading 5'' Flowerhorn for Young Cichlasoma Festae Group|Natick, MA|Pickup Only

    Hi I have a 5 inch Flowerhorn that I would like to trade for some Cichlasoma Festae (preferably a young pair or a group of young fish). I bought this fish off a guy a few months back and he said that the fish was around 6 months old. Let me know if you are interested and we can pick a place to meet.