mbuna cichlid

  1. T

    Mbuna or peacocks?

    I am confused with two of my cichlids and need help identifying what kind of cichlids are they. pics attached. Thanks in advance
  2. L

    African Cichlid tank (Mbuna) Questions.

    I plan to get back into fish keeping again and i thought it was time to start with African cichlids ive always done either normal tropical fish or American cichlids. I plan to use my empty 75 gallon tank. I don't what filter or filters would work a lot of people say canister but i keep getting...
  3. agent1207

    NTT Datnoid with African Cichlids? Aquarium Upgrade Help! Pics attached.

    I am currently looking into upgrading my aquarium set up to a much larger system and was wondering if this could/would work. Right now, Aquarium #1 100 Gallon African Cichlids/ Central American 2x yellow lab 4in (known to get aggressive when larger) 1x zebra mbuna 3in (most aggressive in tank...
  4. jcarson

    FREE  Way too many labidochromis caeruleus, electric yellows

    Hello Las Vegas If you know anybody, I have about 20 Electric Yellows that I would like to re-home. All ranging from 1" to 3" from multiple spawns The are free, Im in Las Vegas. Please PM if interested
  5. T

    180l Cichlid tank?

    I have a 180litre tank that I have a ran for a couple of years now and fancy a change, I was told I could maybe over stock a mbuna tank or look at a lake tang tank. I’m looking for a tank full of personality but preferably not a single fish tank? Happy to consider non-cichlids too and any help...