1. L

    For Sale  4”-4.5” inch monoculus peacock bass

    Monoculus peacock bass Pm for more information !
  2. U

    Peacock bass not eating pellets

    Tank info- 90 gal. Water parameters perfect with ideal temperature Tank has a 12 inch silver aro with a 4 inch monocolus pb(recently bought 3 days before) (earlier there were 2, 1 was killed by the other and aro)... Both don't have any problems with each other the pb doesn't fear the aro...
  3. a_dilshan

    My Kelberi and Orino

    Sharing my Cichlas Large Kelberi around 11” Smaller kelberi around 7” orinos around 8” Follow me on instagram Dilshan_mfk Videos
  4. Bassjedi

    Another 650g update

    Here are a few pics I took of my 650g. My bass now range from 7-13". No casualties in the tank other than the Arowana that was attacked and fatally wounded by the largest bass. I'm pretty sure he was trying to eat it despite it being longer than him. That was a real bummer. Anyway, enjoy...
  5. L

    Adding smaller pbass with bigger ones question

    I'm currently growing out 2 baby pbass (3.5 inch and a 4 incher ocell/mono farmies) with 3 similar sized tinfoils in a 40 gal. My local lfs just brought in some baby orinocos which i've been looking for for some time. The problem now is that the baby orinocos are quite small, about 2-2.5 inch...
  6. MorningStar

    Stock of Peas

    Thought I share. It's good to have other Peas to help other Peas eat.
  7. a_dilshan

    My Monoculus and Tank mates

    here's a couple of pics of my monoculus and Others