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  1. Rapaz

    Which species of peacock Bass?

    Hello everyone! New to the forum! I have a 200 gallon aquarium currently with 2 Oscars and a pleco. (Pleco was a rescue/ helping out a friend) Anyway, I was at the LFS today and saw this peacock bass. Can anyone help me identify the species? I’m thinking it is a mono or ocellaris but I am...
  2. J

    Channa bleheri in a 30 gallon?

    Hey guys! I have finally persuaded my parents to get an aquarium! A friend of my dad gave us the aquarium, so I can’t buy something else etc I am in love with the Rainbow snakeheads! I do not mind having a single specimen in my tank. The dimensions are 61*41*58 cm (length*width*height) Could it...