1. R

    For Sale  6.5" Sumatra Datnoid

    6.5" Sumatra Datnoid Clean 4 bars. $180 Willing to trade for a smaller 3 bar indo datnoid. Txt: Nine096382448
  2. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  NGT Datnoid

    Looking for a small to medium sized NGT Datnoid, anything over 2". Can buy or trade 3 Bar Indo Datnoid
  3. PrinceFish

    For Trade  NGT Datnoid

    Willing to trade my 5-6" rare high-body NGT Datnoid with very nice and dark blackberry silver dollar. LA 90024 8582529166 Justin
  4. G

    Update of my mbu and friends

    how can i put the vid in here?
  5. AquaScape

    NGT Datnoides Campbelli!

    We just got in two 10"-11" NGT that are looking amazing up for sale for $500
  6. superman818

    Thin Bar and NGT Datnoid SoCal PU

    Selling a 5 1/2 inch Thin Bar Datnoid and a 6.0 inch NGT. Thin Bar is semi stable on market shrimp. NGT is fully stable on market shrimp. Will meet up. my zip code is 91387. NGT is non aggressive. Won't even eat feeders. I will post a side picture of the NGT soon. NGT $180 ITT $ 80

    FS - NGT / New Guinea Tiger - Los Angeles, CA - PickUp Only

    Selling a 5" NGT Currently eating Krill shrimp, Blood worms, Brine shrimp & Market shrimp. Pick Up Only in Los Angeles, CA Asking $170 OBO! Please MSG Me here to arrange meeting for sale or for any questions. -AQUATiC213ZOMB!E-