1. Zak03

    Noob at Cichlids and Sun Cats

    Hey guys, I'm new here. I got a 40-gallon tank with 2 baby Oscars (tiger and red) and 1baby sun catfish (aka eclipse catfish). I know, the tank will be too small eventually, but I plan on moving them into a bigger tank-75 gallons or possibly more-when the Oscars get bigger. I am new to both...
  2. Addi_13

    New Planted 42 Gallon Tank..PLEASE HELP...

    Hello Guys, First of all I am a completely new to the planted setup. I am setting up a new 42 Gallon Planted tank. The dimension are L 30" X D 18" X H 18". I want to start pretty low tech setup with diy Co2 with yeast, sugar, baking soda formula. I have already purchased few items like...
  3. G

    Noob in Ohio!

    So I've got a Dragon Goby, 2 Angelfish, 1 Pleco, 1 Pictus Catfish, and a Crowntail Beta. Betta? Hmm... but anyways they are all doing great together. What size tank should I be looking at for an end product here? Substrate? I want a really natural lookIng tank. Thanks guiseeeeeee