1. mattybecks

    Allardi clownfish feeding Ocellaris Clownfish to Anemone

    Pretty brutal. My two Allardi's attacking my two ocellaris clowns. You can see in the video how he keeps ramming him into the anemone. (sorry for the vertical filming, it wasn't me but my girlfriend who took it) I was out the country when this happened. The Ocellaris survived 10 days with this...
  2. Blakewater

    Update Of My Growouts And Their Soon-To-Be 550G Upgrade

    Just sharing an update of my stock. Currently all between 5”-9”. Amazing how good water quality and high level foods are bringing out their colors. They’re super active and loving life but it’s time for them to get even more room and I don’t like waiting to upgrade so I just purchased a...
  3. Bassjedi

    Another 650g update

    Here are a few pics I took of my 650g. My bass now range from 7-13". No casualties in the tank other than the Arowana that was attacked and fatally wounded by the largest bass. I'm pretty sure he was trying to eat it despite it being longer than him. That was a real bummer. Anyway, enjoy...
  4. L

    Adding smaller pbass with bigger ones question

    I'm currently growing out 2 baby pbass (3.5 inch and a 4 incher ocell/mono farmies) with 3 similar sized tinfoils in a 40 gal. My local lfs just brought in some baby orinocos which i've been looking for for some time. The problem now is that the baby orinocos are quite small, about 2-2.5 inch...
  5. TheWolfman

    The Official Wolfmans tank thread

    Hey guys I figured I’d finally just start my own build thread, and share my photos with my fellow Cichla freaks! Some shots with my Canon...