1. Blakewater

    For Sale  8-9” Cichla Orinocensis SanFrancisco

    Helping a buddy sell his bass. One 8.5”~ Orino looking healthy. Nothings wrong with it he just wants room for other fish. Eating shrimp. Fish for sale is the one in the front of the picture. text me at 510-421-1o75
  2. Blakewater

    The Magnificent Seven

    Welp, as of last week I finished my thinning. Bringing down my bass school from 13 to 7. The trade off is the water looking crystal clear even after a week without a change and the new hierarchy and space had made all the cichla grow and color up even further in almost no time! Especially the...
  3. G

    Changing Things Up

    I'm looking to change up my current set up and I'm looking to part with some of the larger guys that I have, I apologize in advance for the haze, the acrylic needs to be polished. 3 11" to 13" Wide Bar Emperor Blue Hook Silver Dollars - trio for $300 22" Albino Silver Arowana - $500 13" Wild...
  4. a_dilshan

    My Kelberi and Orino

    Sharing my Cichlas Large Kelberi around 11” Smaller kelberi around 7” orinos around 8” Follow me on instagram Dilshan_mfk Videos https://www.youtube.com/user/AxD99
  5. L

    Adding smaller pbass with bigger ones question

    I'm currently growing out 2 baby pbass (3.5 inch and a 4 incher ocell/mono farmies) with 3 similar sized tinfoils in a 40 gal. My local lfs just brought in some baby orinocos which i've been looking for for some time. The problem now is that the baby orinocos are quite small, about 2-2.5 inch...
  6. Abyssalisk

    Where can I get peacock bass?

    I've got an 850 gal in the works and currently have 4 cichla (3 kelbs and 1 mono). I've been constantly looking for Orinos, especially the rio meta strain with the high blues across the dorsal fins. Also looking for intermedia. Please share any members who ship and/or their websites or any sites...
  7. P

    growout thread for my 2 unidentified cichla sp

    I picked up 2 of these not knowing what The are, I've been told They could be brokos. Do all brokos have 5bars?