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    New Oscar fish wont eat.

    Me and my boyfriend recently purchased an adult oscar who had some scratches due to the sharp decorations the store had in the tank with him. We put him in our 90g already established tank with a canister filter. He is living with a sailfin pleco. We also added some bottled bateria when we added...
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    My Oscars a Pig

    I recently put an oscar and a endlciheri bichir in a 125 together, along with a few other cichlids. All of the other cichlids in the tank atm eat live black worms and shrimp, while i feed my Oscar and Bichir Silversides. Now the problem. My Oscar Never stops eating! After I give him a fish to...
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    where to buy

    I was wondering if anybody out there knows a good website where I can purchase a bloody super red Oscar any information will be helpful thank you