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    King Kong Parrot fish is new and very aggressive!

    I bought myself a King Kong Parrot this morning from the local pet shop, it was the biggest amoung a tank of six much smaller parrots (4-5 inches). The tank already consists of one Plecostomus, two Koi and one Angel. My Parrot is very agressive and im not sure what to do. It gets fed blood...
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    My parrot fish is fading colour

    As per subject I would like to know about my parrot fish...why it's fading color ?? Few days ago tank was caught in ICK but I got early signs of that and cured very fast with salt, water changes n temperature...but now the question is my parrot is fading without any reasons !! Can some one help...
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    South American Cichlids Brooklyn

    I am getting rid of my tanks and the fish need to go first no matter what. Here's what I have: Midas Parrotfish Flowerhorn Vieja Catfish None are babies, they are medium sized fish, not small. Give me an offer. You don't have to buy all of course.