1. B

    Largemouthbass and Redfin perch sick 😷?

    Hi fam, So I have 1 LMB he‘s roughly 1,5-2‘‘ and 3 european redfin perch 4-5‘‘ in a different tank. The redfin perch were shy from the start and wouldnt eat much. Which is very unnatural for them. And now the bass starter getting shy / scared and isnt eating. Sometimes they flash their...
  2. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  Datnoids, Chinese Perch, other Perch Like Fish and Pinima Bass 4"~9"

    Looking to buy any of the above mentioned in norcal. Can pick up within 75 miles of 94928. Can also pay for delivery if you need to ship. Please Indo Dats unless its a Sumatran. Also looking for Pinima Bass. No set price but unless its exceptional I probably wont be interested in anything over...
  3. AquaScape

    NGT Datnoides Campbelli!

    We just got in two 10"-11" NGT that are looking amazing up for sale for $500
  4. jonah h2o

    nile perch found this nile perch for sale, and I remembered that there was a ban on them coming into the us but if you already own its legal so
  5. M

    Best pellet food for numerous native species?

    I am building a pond about 2000-3000 gallons this spring. Approx 4ft deep, 10 ft length and width. I will be stocking it with many native fish including- largemouth,smallmouth, walleye, sunfish, albino Catfish, crappie, and perch. I will only buy one or two of each fish. I will purchase these...
  6. W

    Aquarium Stocking Question

    Hello, I'm quit familiar with this cite but I just made an account so sorry if this is in the wrong section. I recently purchased a 75 gallon aquarium. I was wondering if I could house a yellow perch, and/or Grass Pickerel in the tank? Would they be able to thrive together? If not which would...
  7. sunnysjourney

    My Chinese Perch

    Had this guy since he was about 3", he eats anything that can fit into his mouth... Ate a 6" peacock bass when he was about 6" lol! Thats why I keep him in a separate tank, I'm afraid he will eat my ATF if I put him in my main tank..