pinima peacock bass

  1. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  Pinima

    Looking to buy Pinima Bass any size from 5" to 12". Let me know if anyone has any lines on one of even a few of them :grinyes: Appreciate it in advance! Thanks guys!
  2. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  Datnoids, Chinese Perch, other Perch Like Fish and Pinima Bass 4"~9"

    Looking to buy any of the above mentioned in norcal. Can pick up within 75 miles of 94928. Can also pay for delivery if you need to ship. Please Indo Dats unless its a Sumatran. Also looking for Pinima Bass. No set price but unless its exceptional I probably wont be interested in anything over...
  3. A

    For Sale  Cichla Pinima

    Anyone selling Pinima Peacock bass and willing to ship ? Under 5” preferred but open to any size. Any leads as to where i can get them please let me know. Txt 720485821six