platinum bichir

  1. Iamfish

    FS | Platinum Senegal Bichir | Philly Area, PA, 100$ | Pickup Only

    Selling my lower grade platinum senegal bichir, eating hikari pellets and blood worms. Need him gone asap. Pickup right outside philly area. video of the fish pictures I can send more pictures just pm me
  2. blufsky2

    rare polypterus platinum family from reddy aquarium

    Hello guys im reddy from indonesia want share my production fish farm welcome to reddy aquarium colection fish i hope you enjoy my colection :D GOD BLESS YOU ALL facebook : facebook grup :
  3. N

    Suggestions for rare fish to buy

    Setting up a 300 gal which will house 3-4 SB datnoids, a platinum bichir, and a SB silver aro. What rare fish do you think I could add that would look cool? I like the look of platinum fish and am open to suggestions. Thanks!
  4. ong88

    One mfker of an Endi. 15 inch platinum P. endlicheri endlicheri

    14-15 inches estimated. Got it five years back in Jakarta. Outstretched fingers are 7" Platinum endi. Rare sized. One of the biggest platinum bichirs I know of.
  5. vincentwugwg

    My Polypterus grow out tank

    I have been secretly growing out a bunch of bichirs :) Enjoy the video.. there are 4 different species of platinums in this video. Name them all!