1. MetalRavioli

    Disrupted stock

    Hello friends! So, as I’ve said in my 90-gallon tank thread, I’m currently in the process of cycling a 90 gallon tank. (It’s almost complete I believe) I planned on stocking this tank with a Senegal bichir, a Leopard ctenopoma, a bristlenose Plecostomus, and 5 keyhole cichlids. I ordered the...
  2. Josh's Fish

    Bichir Drawing Contest

    In celebration of the upcoming =AZXsGDTKXURrJuCFGlEb5E_trVbh61FDtT69uOVcXAzk9DP9zCe5dQWYMEy27WYc873gsLjhxNCyTBujofk-SGs0JTZofInTlNUE6sL_Hn_i2KeyMJtVq6JSDk3GB1Lm2fGL0xQr2RZC0vnSO2cCivGjHxygpbNtO5xTFZA1i4S6_DLQlvEcw_7_lO-PD9bEH8gH6w0xRy-XZzR5V744VX7s&__tn__=*NK-y-R']#EndangeredSpeciesDay2021 we're...
  3. IgnatzMcJockel

    The Poly Poll

    A recent thread (What is your favorite polyterus?) brought me to the idea for this poll. I know the theme is the same, but i am interested in real Numbers. I know it's a difficult and i'm also not shure about my answer right now...so i'll give this enough time ?. How it Works: everyone has...