pond liner

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    Submersible Heaters and Pond Liners

    I recently built an indoor plywood pond. I was trying to figure how to use my submersible heaters without burning the pond liner. I have heater covers, but didnt know if that would be enough
  2. L

    Pond with a window.

    so I am playing with the idea of making a pond that is semi underground with a window in the side. has anyone had any experience with this. I have found a few places that make stainless frames for this reason but man they are expensive and the only ones I have found are from overseas so add a...
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    Did I make a huge mistake?

    I'm building a windowless plywood tank for my turtle. The dimensions are 8ft x 3ft x 4ft and bought 45 mil EPDM pond liner for the waterproofing. Started to put the liner in today and as I was trying to smooth it out, I noticed the narrow sides were very wrinkled. That's when it hit me. The 4ft...