1. lovesharksmorethanmyself

    Bamboo shark is turning red

    PLEASE help I am beginning to get desperate. A few days ago I made a post concerning some red marks on my youngest bamboo that appeared to be abrassions. He has been hatched for around a month. As of tonight, all of his white bands are a tint of red and his underbelly is COMPLETELY bruised up...
  2. amazontank

    Black Ghost Knife/Pipa Pipa Frogs Fungus

    I introduced some wild Pipa Pipa frogs to my aquarium. One of the frogs has a little white fungus on his back. I was gonna treat the tank with methyl blue for the fungus then treat with prazipro for wild parasites. Of course keep up with water changes, etc. I have anubias, marimo balls, ferns...