1. B

    For Sale  Piranhas and Tanks

    Have a once in while opportunity! A good friend of mine is sadly needing to let go of his larger tanks and fish 1-Tank is a 540g comes with 90g sump, Fx6 canister filter, heaters, Stand and 4 lights Asking $5,000.oo obo 2-150g tank with 2 hang on 110g filters, heaters, stand And light Asking...
  2. AquaScape

    CARIBE!!!! Last for the season!?

    Got some great Caribe specimens in this weekend!! 3.5"-4" currently going for 65$ and 5"-6" currently going for 85$ COME GET THEM WHILE THEY'RE HERE!!! (more than likely this will be he last batch until next season!!)
  3. AquaScape

    Most Aggressive Schooling Piranha Back In Stock!! CARIBE

    And it begins, the season is upon us!! Caribe are now available at 1"-2"! $25.oo Ea. 5 for $100.oo 10 for $150.oo We also have 9"-10" Caribe available for $250.oo on sale from $375.oo!!
  4. AquaScape

    Favorite Piranha?

    Everyone has to have a favorite whether it's from the simple but beautiful Red Belly or to any other amazing species like Elongatus or Manueli. LETS HERE IT!
  5. P

    More Black Piranha Questions

    Hello, I once again have more questions. I was wondering why black piranhas get bumps on their chins and why these bumps sometimes turn white. I was also wondering if you guys think I'd be happier with a black piranha in the long run. I have never owned any pygos or serras, so I do not know...
  6. P

    Favorite piranha genus?

    Hello, I am here wondering one thing. I wanted to ask what piranha genus you guys prefer, and what species. I am almost sure I prefer Serrasalmus, but I must experiment further more to make my full conclusion. I know this topic has come up many times before, but I am really curious what most...