rare catfish

  1. kody929

    Synodontis ID

    Hey everyone! Promise its not a feather fin or upside down syno. I was sold this as a longriostrus as a baby but it doesn’t seem to add up. Unique tiny dot head to large dot body like a helmet. I’m converting my 210 to community tank and I’m trying to get a proper ID to possible sell. Also at...
  2. Dgmannn412

    Sailfin marble pictus catfish

    So I got this catfish and after purchasing it realized what I had was not common I want to know how rare it really is. How many have had/have one. What do you know about it. Nothing I have found tells me anything past 30inch semi aggressive Amazon catfish. What do we actually know. I keep it in...
  3. Iamfish

    My catfish

    Everyone seems to posting there catfish collections so here is mine :) No monsters but I think I have a few interesting species Hopefully more to come in the future :) Synodontis Granulosus Hemibagrus Olyroides Mystus Mysticetus Ossancora Punctata Platysilurus Mucosus Megalchis Thoracata