red belly pacu

  1. mattybecks

    Another Pacu growth rate question

    Hello guys, I have just managed to rehome my pair of Buttikoferi, and so are just left with my 7 x geos Tapajos in my 180cm x 60cm x 60cm. I belong to a couple of fish groups here, and long story short, I have landed up rescuing and temporarily housing two red belly pacu from some pretty...
  2. kim91

    Feeding small fish on a 130gallon tank

    I just bought a 130gallon tank and i have 2 silver dollars 2 red bellied pacu, 1 clown knifefish and a baby RTC, how do i feed them? the tank is so big and every time i come near the tank they all swim away and hide from me. What's wrong with my fishes? please help. Thanks
  3. U

    Red Belly Pacu outgrew tank

    I am looking for someone to adopt my Pacu. It's free! No local stores or aquarium will take it. Let me know if anyone in NJ is interested or any rescue organizations where I can bring him to. Thank you