red head geophagus

  1. F

    For Sale  FS: PU Thorichthys maculipinnis 6 inch 91335

    Hi I have this Red Head Thorichthys maculipinnis Adult for sale. Nothing wrong just looking to lighten my Bio load. Asking $60 obo located in 91335.
  2. K

    For Sale  6”-7” F0 Geophagus Sveni

    I’m looking to sell 3 Wild Caught Geophagus Sveni at 6”-7” for $400. (I don’t know the sex of them) I will add a FREE 4.5”-5.5” Geophagus Red head Tapajos.
  3. getmethatgeoplease

    For Sale  5 Adult Red Head Tapajos and 4 Juveniles

    Looking to sell my Red Heads. There are two breeding pairs in the 5 adults. Willing to negotiate so they go to a good home. Adults: $100 for all or $30/each Juveniles: $40 for all or $10/each
  4. Fiberacci

    Fish are only the on bottom

    Hi this is my 180 gallon tank. I recently picked up 4 C. Myersi and 5 Red Head tapajos. They are active and feeding but they only hang out at the bottom. They look fine and colorful. There's plenty of surface agitation so im not sure why they are at the bottom exclusively. Thanks!
  5. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Red Oscar update

    Well plans have changed a little with the trio of oscars I have. Today I got rid of 11 fish which cut the bio load I had in half leaving me with 8 fish, I did a large water change and then got things back to normal. I have been housing 3 oscars temporarily in a 20 gallon long set up as a lot...
  6. pancakes

    Freshwater Stock | SoCal | 92880

    Going different direction. All eyeballed... 1-400 Odessa (1-2” & 1-300 filaments) 100 20-25 RummyNose Tetras 30 3 LG (6-9”) male & 1 F Tapajos 200 20-25 (2-4”)F1 Tapajos 125 Discus (5-6”) take all 500 or 100ea F (Confirmed) Altum F F1 (Confirmed/Proven) Alenquer x2 Unsexed San Merah x2 M...
  7. Empyreal

    HELP! - Geo has prolapsed intestine!

    Anyone with experience with this? How does this happen and what should I do?