red tail cat

  1. Cichlid_freak

    The case of missing frontosa

    Hi, I have a 55g gallon tank with 4 small fronts, a 4 inch red tail catfish, a tiger barb and a red tail black shark. Some days back , I added a 3/4 inch black ghost knife fish, two red tail botias and a couple of goldfish. Okay, I admit this is quite quite overstocked and I will take all the...
  2. C

    For sale Huge 18-20 inch Redtail Cat $200

    I have a beautiful Red Tail Catfish that I need to re-home. She's absolutely gorgeous and healthy. Voracious eater, determined to be the biggest fish in my 450. Striking black on white red tail. Please text for more info and pics. Thank you, Carlita 951-764-8794