1. S

    For Sale  12" butterfly domestic koi for sale

    Hello everyone! I've had koi fish for a few years now and moved back to the valley in AZ. I was going to build a koi pond in the backyard, but with how hot, sunny, and little space we have, I've decided to sell him instead. Price is $50 and must go to a home with a pond. Pm me for more details...
  2. C

    For Sale  Will take any fish your trying to ReHome In Mass or RI

    If anyone needs to rehome or sell fish please feel free to contact me any time 508 209 8014 will travel throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Conneticut or Maine.
  3. C

    16” redtail

    I have a 16” redtail I NEED gone. I’m getting back into smaller fish. I’ll take $20. I live in Lakeside, CA. Very mellow and sweet. He loves being pet!
  4. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    WTB: Any oddball fish for sale UK

    Has anybody got any oddball, predatory,monster fish for sale/rehoming in the UK all types considered
  5. K

    Large Pleco in CT

    Hello! I have a pleco that's grown too big for my 30 gal tank, and he needs a new home. I don't want to bring him to a petco or something, I want to know he's going to a good home. If anyone in Connecticut would like to take him in, please let me know. He's about 11 inches (way too big for my...
  6. Y

    Re-homing 3 Common Plecos. Need bigger homes!

    My mom and I collectively have 3 plecos, I have 2, and she has 1. They will outgrow their tanks and we have no current means of acquiring a big enough tank for them, especially 3. 2 are in a 29 gallon, and 1 is in a 39 gallon tank. These are obviously not adequate tank sizes for these plecos...