1. V

    Serrasalmus Rhombeus? (identification) + Elongatus

    Hello everyone. Couple of months ago, i bought a Serrasalmus, it was listed as a Diamond Rhom. Knowing there are many variants i'm not 100% sure about it. So if anyone knows what fish is swimming in my tank? Could it be a spilo? Also got myself a Elongatus today, bought in the same store...
  2. C

    Black rhom

    Hey guys! have had a black rhom for about 4 months now and he's doing great. Just wondering, can i get some of your advice or tell me what your Parameters are for each of your tanks? just curious.
  3. G

    My Serrasalmus Rhombeus

    Hello, this is my first post, so sorry if it's a bit unorganized. This is my rhom. His name is Jack@ss. He is about 5 inches. He is currently in a 90 gallon, 48x18x24. There are anachris plants, dwarf hair grass, a water lily plant, duckweed, and dwarf water lettuce in the tank. His tank mates...
  4. 1

    My tap water has ammonia and nitrates

    moved to a new city a month and decided to get back into the aquarium game after being out of the hobby for a couple years. Picked up a 120 gallon and planned on getting another black rhom. Got everything set up and found out my tap water had .50 ammonia and 20ppm nitrates. What are my options...
  5. JSpilo

    Rhom has a snaggletooth

    Hi, my rhom, Gummie, has a snaggletooth in his lower jaw and has been there for some time... I've first noticed it since December, so around 4 months now. Doesn't impact his eating. Is this normal to occur? Will it fall out and be replaced eventually? It does give Gummie a bit more character...