1. PGJE

    What should dry rock look like when it’s done cycling?

    Right now the dry rock in my cycling tank has a bloom of diatoms, as expected. But after all of the nutrients it eats is gone, they should die off, and the cycle should be done or close to done. I was wondering when the diatoms die off, does the rock look any different? I heard some people say...
  2. S

    Rock Bass Laid Eggs. What Do I Do?

    Well i accidentally managed to breed rock bass in my 29 gallon tank. Before you rant that 29 gallons isn't enough for 2 rock bass i know that i had put my female rock bass in there as a temporary thing because my bigger tank hadn't arrived yet. Anyways i came home one day to a pile of fertilized...
  3. Kalashnikov1408

    Where is a good place to order specific gravel/substrate?

    Im looking for something specific I cant seem to find anywhere locally. Im looking tor dark slate colored gravel, pebbles about the size of a pin head or pool filter sand of the same color. Is there a place online I can order this from? Ive seen the color gravel in tanks online but cant find it...
  4. D

    Foam Art Board for bottom of tank

    Quick question: I'm setting up a Mbuna tank and I'm worried about pressure points when I put all the rocks in. I have read on here about using styrofoam underneath the rocks and substrate (which will be PFS) on the inside of the tank. The only goal is to make sure I don't create pressure points...
  5. Bubbles_n_worms

    150g need ideas :)

    Hey folks! I am the proud new owner of a gorgeous 150g! In keeping with my freshwater fanaticism, i'm looking for ideas, pictures, or items. I have so many ideas floating around in my head it's hard for me to figure out what's going to work. I'll start out by saying that I love the look of...