1. BurbeyTanks

    For Sale  L330 Watermelon 10” $90

    L330 Watermelon Royal at 10” and very healthy. Selling to focus on keeping more Pseudacanthicus sp.
  2. S

    Royal Pleco, soft water.

    Hey Pleco experts! I’m in the frustratingly common process of rearranging/scaping/stocking my whole fish room for around the 300th time in the last couple of months since buying a new house and massively increasing my gallonage. In the midst of all the moving and shaking I realized that I...
  3. AquaScape

    The Royal Pleco

  4. ukgoffer

    My new Intermedias -

    3 Wild Caught Inters - 8 to 10". Settling in nicely.
  5. Dieselhybrid

    The "Royal" Family (Galaxy P14)

    We acquired this gorgeous colony of Royal Galaxy P14 some time ago. I've had them under close watch. They have started to develop and show their full potential, I can't believe my eyes the way they have matured. Decided it was time to share with everyone. P14 have long been one of the...
  6. NotablySardonic

    Types of Royals (post yours here)

    I recently set up a heavily wooded 135 gallon tall for some Geophagus Winemilleri i had aquired and ended up with 2 different Royal Plecos. So i started doing some digging on all the types and really, there isn't a good amount of intel reguarding them on the net. So i need some experts. One of...