rtg arowana

  1. RealCrix220

    High Back Red Tail Gold Arowana

    I just have to show off my red tail gold, I was so proud of this fella it was unreal I will show the day I put him in the tank and how he ended up, he ended up with the tank to himself had to move him on due to moving home and sadly it died, I was gutted to find out but here he is
  2. H

    Rtg arowana has red patch near his tail

    hi there guys my 6 inch rtg arowana has a red patch near its tail and the scales of that reddish area is somewhat protruded. Can anyone help me with this.
  3. A

    RTG not developing gold shines

    Bought a 5 inch baby aro from an LFS & shopkeeper said it is an RTG. Now it is 15” long & 1yrs old , but not developing gold shines. Can anybody confirm wether its an RTG or not.
  4. D

    Rate the RTG Arowana before i pirchase it

    Hi Guys M purchasing an RTG Arowana for the first time and have been shown this video( pics here) of a 16 inch one. Kindly rate it and lemme know if its good enough for purchase
  5. Addi_13

    9" RTG arowana keeps hiding below Heater.

    Hello Guys, I bought a 9" RTG last month on 24th December, it was in a 340 gallon community tank but his tail and fins got nipped pretty bad so I separated him in a Quarantine tank. Its been around 20 days and he have already healed 80%. Last week I replaced new lights in...
  6. A

    RTG, Parrots, and Oscars

    Hello to all fellow monster mates ! M a new member here ! I currently own 2 tanks. The smaller one is about 30 gallons which house regular carps and SK Golds. The bigger is a 150g which houses RTG about 7in , 2 Copper Oscars , 8 parrots, 4 rainbow sharks and a pleco ! For filtration m currently...
  7. B

    What Arowana is this?

    Sup everyone, this is my first Arowana and I believe it is a RTG Arowana. Now what the breeder I bought this fish from tells me that this fish is actually a hybrid rtg Arowana, anyone knows how to tell the difference or do I just need to wait for the fish to grow? On another note, my younger...