1. DMD123

    Ideas for an all Amphilophus tank....

    Been thinking of trying an amphilophus tank. Currently have 3 hoga at about 5" that are being raised out. They were little jerks when first put in the tank but have settled down now. Looking to maybe keep just one of these and add some 'midevil' mutts or other amphs. Tank has some current...
  2. Jexnell

    My A. Sagittae Casper

    I got these guys back in September from Jeff Rapps. They are tank spawned from wild great grandparents that he imported, F3's. I ended up with three males and two females. One male jumped out of the tank, other one was rehomed. Casper did spawn with both females. First female, first batch...
  3. Tyler_Wentworth_150

    Share your amphilophus pictures!

    I just want to see as many amphilophus pics as possible... and GO! Bruce M.J.
  4. Twonvito

    Sad Day in the 125 grow out tank.

    I woke up to half my tank dead. 1 Parachromis friedrichsthalii 2 Amphilophus Lyonsi 1 Amphilophus Labiatus 1 Amphilophus sagittae I had did a water change 9 days and Added API Quick start yesterday because i didnt have any solution. I followed the instructions to a T. It ended in a massacre.