1. Wyvlen

    bristlenose pleco for a semi-aggressive tank?

    heya, I have a semi-aggressive tank that's heavily planted, has a decent current running through it. I've had to remove a few hideouts, much to my rainbow shark's dismay, but overall the plants themselves provide cover for the fish. I have a rainbow shark, pictus catfish, 5 barbs, 1 cichlid...
  2. K

    Sengal Birchir With Electric blue Jack Dempsy

    I have a cycled 55 gallon and wanted to know if a EBJD can live with a Sengal Birchir? I would get them both at tiny sizes
  3. K

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsy

    Can a EBJD live with a sengal Birchir? I have a cycled 55 gallon and I would get both at tiny sizes.
  4. K

    Cichlids attacking Tire Track Eel

    I don't know much about fish, the tank is actually my husbands, but I noticed the two cichlids attacking our tire track eel. They were chasing him around the tank and pushing their way under our rocks when he tried to hide. We have a semi aggressive tank but everyone is pretty small, the...